Honorable Mentions

GOD, our Father, who we rest in, answer to, follow and stand in awe of. 
To Room for Dreams, who were the catalyst behind Room for Restoration and whose selfless support for the kingdom of God, even when things happened that were not planned, gave us encouragement beyond words. 

The men at the father’s prison that we were able to talk with, who helped steer us in the right direction and who allowed us the priviledge of speaking with the inmates to announce the nomination for the first Room for Restoration.

To the men and women who sat in our first meeting with support, prayer, confirmations and possible future connections.  It was a necessary moment in the momentum of our vision.

To our possible connection that will provide us a building for storage, work, marketing and inventory…..WE ARE BELIEVING FOR IT!

To our nominee, his father and his mother, who understood the value of connection and never hesitated to give us information, remain available and support the mission from the get go…promoting Room for Restoration at every chance.  We are blessed to have seen such a powerful gift from the father to the son, bring about such a powerful start to a new journey of love and forgiveness.

To Gravity Lodi, who jumped up to quickly provide us a necessary covering to continue Josh’s room. 
To RFR’s Graphic Design, Logo, Photography, Videography and Editing girls, whose ability was so appreciated and who gave of time that was not easy to give.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Thank you to RFR’s construction team and volunteers who worked close to 11 hours at our onsite work day, not to mention the additional evenings,  building a closet, a bed, a vanity and dealing with the design team whose prerogative was to change their minds. 🙂

To the partners in the design process of whom neither could do without, and wouldn’t want to.

To the reveal team and the countless hours spent shopping, creating, painting, restoring, running, and just always being available with a joyful heart.
A heartfelt thanks to all the INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS  that provided gift cards, financial donations and items to complete Josh’s room.
To those who went out of their way to look for specific items…you know who you are!

To individuals who gave of their time and gifts to bring us snacks and food on work days.

A special acknowledgement to Pinell’s Carpet One in Angels Camp for their extremely generous donation of flooring at an employees request. We were able to give Josh the flooring he asked for.

To Restore- Habitat for Humanity in Stockton, whose thoughtfulness allowed us to grab large items needed for Room for Restoration at no cost.
To McEachron Glass for their ability to support us
And the seemingly simple things that have such an impact….like School Grounds Coffee in Lodi, providing our volunteers coffee of their choice for 3 work days.  We can’t thank you enough!