Joshua's Room Makeover!

15-year-old Josh was nominated for a Room Restoration by his incarcerated father, Walter. Upon announcing to Walter that his letter of nomination awarded Josh the room, his hands flew up in the air and he began to cry. All he could say was “Oh my goodness. thank you so much!”. After confirming plans with the family, we met with Josh, his sister and his mother. It was an emotional experience as all three shared their own stories of Walter. For Josh, it was a sweet moment. Through tears he announced that though he didn’t get to see his dad much, he knew he loved him through this makeover; and it was apparent that the door to more communication, possible restoration and the journey of forgiveness had begun.

We stepped out to design and implement exactly what Josh wanted; a “Hollywood” themed room that showed his very artistic side. We were beyond excited when the reveal day finally came, but not as excited as Josh. HIs face said it all!! His favorite thing was the vanity that the men built for all his theater makeup; and we were even able to provide him a salon chair for those he practiced zombie makeup on. Will we do it again? You betcha. From learning to work with others we barely knew, to providing an inmate an opportunity to reach out to his son, to watching the son feel more and more important, we won’t be able to wait long. We witnessed Restoration, forgiveness, joy, value and worth in spades!

One gift opened a doorway to more communication, connection and restoration; and there is always Room for Restoration!